Some kind of crazy pie...

"We are like children who have been abandoned, and we are experienced as old men, we are coarse, unhappy and superficial-I think that we are lost."

Lou Reed.

His gig last night was pretty devastating actually..

It was beautiful but so incredibly sad - his age was so apparent and he seemed so ill… It would be weird to say that I attended the last gig he played in london.

I always thought Ralph was a hot tamale when I was a kid.

I always thought Ralph was a hot tamale when I was a kid.

doofus93 asked: but TOBEY
I love Tobey
I guess I'll just have to see this film to decide
mos def looks like dizzee rascal
I 'saw' dizzee today, I actually 'heard' him because he was playing and I was walking around
he's cool bro he's cool


heavenlyhoumous asked: O HAI CAP'NFLINN!!! I JUST REALISED WE HAVE THE SAME BACKGROUND THEME THING! ~~~ telepathic vibes ~~~ also, im presuming that you know who i am since you followed me back (: i am still in the process of figuring tumblr out.


doofus93 asked: SPIDERMAN IRON MAN ok the hulk wasn't their finest hour and fantastic four are ok but spiderman is just the bomb especially the first one and I absolutely love rdj as iron man so
also comics would MOS DEF work I mean going between drawing and reading for inspiration ok ok I'm going to go in a minute

I love Iron Man and no doubt Robert Downey Jr. is sick but this is a more solid film, its got a sick sick sick script and the action is less intentionally dragged out. Spiderman 1 was awesome and they got progressively worse. Plus I find the film version of spiderman very nearly deplorable. Hes so fucking wet. Theyre still awesome just on a spectrum they dont meet.


But if you’re watching and reading and drawing your brain will fizzle at this late hour! I dont doubt youre ability to multi task tho.

Mos Def.. ahaha 

doofus93 asked: THE BEST MARVEL FILM shit son must be gd

I suppose it doesnt have much to stand against.. we are only 11 years in. And the competition isnt so hot. To be fair i haven’t seen Thor yet but even so.. in my verr humble opinion

doofus93 asked: FUCK I want to see that ugh was it really good or

It was indescribable. New converts - Dana and Bella. 

It was beautiful and satisfying and the best marvel movie of the 21st century. And it left the perfect opening for a sequel but also was close enough to the comics that a sequel wouldn’t be needed to fill the time void between this one and the first of the trilogy. There were some minor incongruences with the trilogy though and some areas where the story wasn’t really the same as the comic books. But it was still sick. GO SEE IT. 

keep it fresh fellas

After seeing X-men: First Class last night I’ve realised how much I miss getting comic books every week. I need a new series man. I would ask for suggestions but frankly it would be depressing to get no responses so Ima just source some myself. I wonder whats out there.. oooooeee.

I have yet to see a film with a more spectacular ending. 

Fuck the cliche alarm. It was sick. 

Crumbling buildings, the pixies and a subliminal penis. Ace.

Hilary Duff, what a boring old tool.

And that face to face, are you fucking kidding me?

Hilary Duff, what a boring old tool.

And that face to face, are you fucking kidding me?

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Um, let me check my calendar. I’m free from now till forever.

Ohhhh yeaaaa

Why is it that I’ve already listened to this 4 times in the past half hour. I’m not ashamed. It epitomises everything that is great about today.

Hans Zimmer, sir, you make some marvellous music.